ZKare is our EHR Solution for Healthcare

ZKare is an integrated framework of solutions and services we offer clients. It is a comprehensive platform that empowers human services organizations to optimize every facet of the care and services they deliver. ZKare encompasses the full range of functionality organizations need to consistently deliver quality care and be more successful by managing resources more effectively. ZKare solution has the offering

Client Success Story: CSAAC

The wonderful team effort of Zkare helped me create new hopes for my agency with their professionalism, prompt response and courteous service. My experience is positive and unsurpassed.


Robert Tyndall

Director of Information System

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ZKare EHR capabilities leads you to fulfil your goal of providing quality health care

ZKare is here with clinically robust behavioural health EHR solution. ZKare products and capabilities leads you to fulfil your goal of providing quality health care. Our EHR software solutions streamline patient health records and make them accessible to the healthcare providers involved n patient care- in real time. Since EHR is a critical part of the behavioural health and human services organizations, we take utmost care n defining the user experience. ZKare offer everything you need including these


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