A full-featured EHR designed for accurate transitions of care

Our behavioral health care services for health professionals assist in managing all aspects of clients’ care for improved outcomes and workflow. Zkare behavioral health management software is designed with the input of top EHR for behavioral health providers to make your practice productive and efficient.

Zkare behavioral health EHR solution helps organizations combine real-time clinical data so providence behavioral health providers can deliver the right care in the moments that matter. Zkare EHR systems for behavioral health is a proven treatment planning software for providers to deliver value-based care. We are truly advancing the lives of those with health disabilities to make integrated care a true reality, and many of our clients are already reaping the benefits.

Integrated care features designed for Behavioral Health.

Offering advanced behavioral health & practice management services on a single platform.


Improve Quality Care

Build relationships and connect with clients with technology that streamlines and simplifies the workflow.

HR and Payroll Systems

We easily and routinely integrate with other systems to facilitate a smooth data transfer.

Configurable Dashboards & Monitoring

Customized behavioral health dashboard software for every staff on board to give team members just the information they need at the right time.

Continuous Improvement

Zkare behavioral health EHR provides assistance and advice on regulatory support, performance improvement, and monitoring.

Compliance Ready

Our behavioral health assessment software is HIPAA compliant and empowers communications to be easy but, most critically, secure under the law.

Highly customizable

Zkare EHR have control over who receives alerts, how they are delivered, and for which individual and location.

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