“Achieve peace of mind through easy sharing of health information.”

Interoperability in EHR allows a comfortable and secure exchange of patients’ health between various care providers and EHRs. Our solutions adapt interoperable practices through programs and legislations like HITECH Act, MACRA, and Meaningful Use.


1) Access the patient data that is created by as well as stored in other EHR systems.
2) Share the patient data created and stored in your EHR along with another system.
3) Participate in the programs of health information exchange (HIE).
4) Switch to a new EHR system without the loss of any patient data


For physicians and patients-

1) An enormous amount of time is saved as one no longer has to wait to fax or scan hard copy records or test results.
2) Collaboration and coordination between specialists with fewer mistakes and misunderstandings mean more manageable and better care.
3) Better communication leads to better outcomes with a reduced risk of malpractice and lawsuits.