One Unified Platform to Strengthen Families and Their Children

Children and Family service providers need EHR technology to support better outcomes and streamline the process of delivering quality care. Zkare EHR solutions allow providers to focus on what is important – building healthier families and stronger communities.

As we know that children and family services providers face numerous unique challenges, including state reporting requirements, client confidentiality, and complex case management workloads. Zkare’s suite of platforms helps providers to eliminate these challenges and supports their goals of delivering compassionate and collaborative care to children and their families.

Leverage EHR solutions that are designed specifically for your practice


Time-Saving Portal

Empower patients to take control of pre-appointment tasks and reclaim time for more complex patient-centred activities

Automated scheduling

Zkare platform inputs the data into the scheduling system to update it with the most recent appointments

Ease of use

With Zkare, EHR solution providers get extremely user-friendly software, reporting, communication, and documentation tools, right at their fingertips

Support documentation

Our EHR platform can produce clinical documentation such as individual healthcare plans, protocols, guidelines, etc

Improve the quality of care

With real-time tracking and data monitoring, providers are bound to offer value-based care


The system updates healthcare providers and clients on further procedures and on deadlines for specific actions

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