The wonderful team effort of Bit2Sky helped me create new hopes for my agency with their professionalism, prompt response and courteous service. My experience is positive and unsurpassed.


Robert Tyndall

Director of Information System


CSAAC (Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children) is a nationally recognized pioneer in providing services to individuals with autism. CSAAC provides person-centered, community-based services, specialized to meet the support needs of children and adults with autism.

The need for specialized services for individuals with autism begins at time of diagnosis and continues throughout the lifespan. CSAAC provides critical services across the lifespan. Services range from Intensive Early Intervention services for young children, to Educational Services and Residential supports for school age children, through adult services including community-based Residential and Vocational programs.


The legacy process

CSAAC had a difficult time maintaining its electronic health record data. EHR is crucial for healthcare providers, especially in a long-term acute care facility. They found it challenging to manage all the medical paperwork. The existing EHR was old tech, and it had minimal features. It was a completely closed system, and there was no way they could integrate their other systems, specifically Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint online. Here is are few highlights of issues:

1) Disconnected systems and Cluttered business processes

2) Time consuming paperwork

3) Difficult to find the data


Here's the Reason Behind Our Success

What is EHR?

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient‘s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. While an EHR does contain patients’ medical and treatment histories, an EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider‘s office and include a broader view of a patient‘s care. EHRs are a vital part of health IT

Why Bit2Sky?

The decision the choose Bit2Sky for this job was purely based on the feedback from the current Bit2Sky clients. The first engagement was a pilot project involving SharePoint Online customization and Azure integration. After completing this project, CSAAC decided to develop a custom Electronic Health Record System.

Bit2Sky has also developed supporting applications for the EHR, for example, ticketing system, facilities system, and much more.


Bit2Sky Experience

The incredible team effort of Bit2Sky helped me create new hopes for my agency with their professionalism, prompt response, and courteous service. My experience was positive and unsurpassed. There were many instances where we did not know our requirements. However, the experienced Bit2Sky team educated us about the business process in the healthcare domain, what is available in technology and how to approach the solution. They also helped us train our admins and users. It was a magical experience. I am looking forward to developing my next project with the brilliant team at Bit2Sky.


Bit2Sky designed and developed EHR that delivers value-based care and addresses the 4 fundamental issues. The team at Bit2Sky very well understands the Design Thinking principles, including an empathetic and human-centric approach. The system was designed based on microservices principles. The Bit2Sky team built the solution on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure


In the end, the final product was very user-friendly. On top of being a complete EHR system, It also solved these four fundamental issues:

1) The delivered system is based on cutting-edge technology and can be easily integrated with other applications, such as third-party HR systems.

2) Streamlined business processes. The result EHR system helped CSAAC solve the daily communication challenges among different providers. It is fully integrated with our existing Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Azure systems.

3) Magical digital experience, minimizing the paperwork.

4) Great search experience. Easy to find the data.

Technology and Services

1) Microsoft Azure PaaS, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online

2) Microservice Architecture

3) Product design, development, testing and implementation

4) Managed Support, Services and IT advisory role


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