Discover your Goals with

Zkare Seamless EHR Solution

  • Improve Productivity
  • Efficient workflows
  • Quality of care
  • Profitability
  • Compliance
  • Be Interoperable to the ecosystem

Whatever your goals are, Zkare will help you achieve them. It’s our vision to continuously strive for groundbreaking innovation that will shape healthcare for a better tomorrow. Zkare aims to remove complexity and enable providers to deliver value-based care to clients.

“Our EHR solution is committed to improving care delivery and helping you meet the ever-changing challenges in behavioral health, mental health, substance use, IDD and child & family services practices.”

Who Uses Zkare?

Behavioral & Mental Health Providers

Zkare healthcare solutions are specially designed to fulfil the unique needs of providers and clinicians working in behavioral health, mental health, IDD, substance use, and child & family services practices.

Our mission and purpose is to empower providers to deliver quality care. We are driven by our values to provide customized EHR solutions, and our software is built to work for today and think for tomorrow.