Care Documentation

“Comprehensive Clinical and Medical Documents with Psychiatry Notes through a user-friendly interface that works to increase clinicians’ efficiency and meets the requirements for compliance, timely review, and updates.”

Our solutions provide an easy user interface to create the following comprehensive psychiatry documents to increase clinician efficiency and documentation quality. This module covers documentation in different areas like Psychiatry, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Case Management, Inpatient Settings, Substance Abuse, and Assessment Tools.


1) Initial Assessments
2) Progress Notes
3) Group Therapy Notes
4) Treatment Plans
5) Discharge Summaries


1) Streamlines documentation for Psychiatric Evaluations
2) It helps providers to communicate effectively internally, externally, and with patients regarding their symptoms and treatments.
3) Track updates, review dates, and capture patient and staff signatures
4) Compliant with billing and coding requirements like ICD-10.