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When searching for a mental health EHR for your practice, there are various features that you will need to consider to leverage the benefits of the latest technology. 

These features will be the difference between an inefficient, clunky system and a seamlessly running facility that makes the most out of its EHR and not only satisfies —but exceeds—your expectations. A best mental health EHR software improves the overall experience of the patient.

Before committing to the solution you’ll be using, here are the must-have features for mental health EHR to keep top of mind.

Essential mental health software features

Mental health-specific templates

EHRs are designed to record clinical visits efficiently, so it’s critical to choose one with templates customized specifically for mental health to save documentation time. 

Different behavioral health conditions need various treatment plans and intake forms. Select an EHR that offers ready-made and customizable templates for substance abuse, behavioral health, and other mental health disciplines.

Care coordination

A mental health provider must be able to provide quality care to patients as it is a proven fact that a patient’s mental health often has a direct impact on other aspects of their health. A good mental health EHR should coordinate with other providers to ensure the patient receives the best care possible.

Access from any device 24/7

When you are no longer utilizing paper to keep track of your medical records, why would you sign up for an electronic health record which you can use only in a specific location?

A good mental health EHR should be web-based and accessible from a phone, tablet or laptop. Do not wait to return to the office before you start providing the care required for your patients. A perfect mental health EHR helps you to provide quality care no matter where you are.

Data Storage And Compliance With HIPAA

Simply said, physical records are not that secure. They might get misplaced, lost, accidentally destroyed and so on. However, using a mental health EHR, you can protect patient data from any incident. The patient’s records are protected by a login-based access system on the cloud. 

The right solution makes safe storage possible and enhances the trust between the client and the provider. This indicates that access is restricted so that only qualified healthcare providers with access can view and modify patient data. 

Moreover, providers can simply ensure that the software is HIPAA-compliant, which means that the patient records will be protected securely via mental health management software.

Attractive user interface

We all know that providers won’t want to use an EHR that is not user-friendly. But when they have to use it, it will not be effective for them to use and provide quality care. It also won’t be worth an investment as it might create a poor user experience and reduce efficiency.

That’s why you require a mental health EHR that is intuitive, solution-based and user-friendly. You must be able to document the full clinical process with your mental health EHR on a single screen without reloading any pages.

Get started

Finding the ideal EHR for your practice is a difficult task. Learn about the EHR features before making a choice. As purchasing EHR software is a long-term investment, consider that all of your practice’s needs are met.

At Zkare, we know that choosing a mental health EHR for your practice can be difficult. Feel free to contact us to schedule a demo of our mental health EHR solution.