EHR Systems

Care Homes make their residents feel homely as well as secured without making them experience an environment like a hospital or medical unit. Care Homes should provide an open, welcoming, and pleasant environment for the residents and their families and visitors. However, for achieving this goal, Care Homes need to have an effective system for thwarting trespassers and unknown visitors.

Why is IT security necessary for Care Homes?  

Care Homes and hospitals need a high level of security for many reasons. Care Homes have a considerable volume of expensive and valuable goods like computers, other IT related equipment, medicines, personal possessions of the staff/ residents/ visitors, expensive equipment used for treatments, and electronic and hard copies of patient records. These Care Homes are thus highly vulnerable and an easy target to attacks.

Care Homes with such a wide range of security risks should effectively address this issue to ensure safety and protection for their residents and all the storage.

An effective security system 

An effective security system provides the right kind of protection without infringing on the residents. It stops any unauthorized access attempt by any visitor and alerts the staff at the same time. Using access control, which is easy to operate, is highly beneficial to the Care Homes. It is flexible and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each Care Home.

Such a system can send feedback to the staff or the managers, enabling them to take immediate actions, respond actively to incidences or problems as soon as they happen. It also must trigger staff’s workflows, thereby resulting in quality care.

Usage of an access control system 

Access control systems are very advantageous for Care Homes as they enable the users to protect their residents who are vulnerable or have additional health requirements along with the items stored within the facility. The first step is to restrict or control the access to certain areas of the Care Homes.

Additional security measures like CCTV, alarms for doors and fences, simple visitor logs for the entry and exit of people, or more sophisticated technology like RFID, PINs, swipe cards, or biometric readers must be used. Also, try setting different levels of security for different times of the day to make it more secure.

EHRs providing safety and security 

There is a great deal of storage of precious electronic and hard copy data of patient records in Care Homes. This electronic day patient records must be looked after as securely as possible. EHRs have their ways of security and privacy safeguards upon their installation –

  • Creating a physically inaccessible system to unauthorized individuals
  • Provide routines of automatic software shutdown
  • Have a data recovery or restoration backup plan
  • Access to the authorized users’ list
  • Provision of identifying and verifying required requirements to the users of all systems
  • Supplying passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs)
  • Constant updating and upgrading of the software

Care Homes can rely on such robust access control systems for having their peace of mind over their security issues while maintaining the dignity and privacy of their residents.

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