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Life often asks the most pertinent and valuable question, and that is – what are you doing for others?

The answer lies in community services because there is no religion higher than humanitarian services. Community services are an example of human services. The community service mission is combining Care, Culture, Communication and Collaboration to make a difference in healthcare.

Role of Communities in healthcare

Patient-centered community services in the healthcare industry can go a long way in transforming the lives of the patients. Health information technology (HIT) is the latest tool in the improvisation of healthcare. EHRs are helpful to the communities by not only making information available but also by supporting the various community services that are offered through the support of technology. The clients are benefited immensely with the use of EHR in trying to offer best services as expected from them.

Communities can empower individuals to be in control of their health and care for themselves. However, there may not be much difference between the actual community services offered against the expectations one has from such community services. The implementation of EHR in these centers will help in giving the client an experience of individualization, transparency, recognition, dignity, respect, and choice in all matters, in relation to a person’s circumstances and relationships within the healthcare facility without any exceptions.

Are the actual goals met?

Eight percent of these centers are currently using EHRs, although 86% of them either use disease-specific repositories, practice management systems, or both. The question arises whether actual goals are met by the EHRs. The EHRs are successful in changing the community healthcare scenario in the field of Behavioral Health Services by trying to improvise the expected and the offered services do the best.

The improvisations due to the use of EHRs are as follows:

  • There is now a respect for both the client and patient’s preferences
  • The patient’s physical comfort and emotional well-being are the top priorities for the client
  • The patient receives information regarding his or her condition indeed and as soon as possible from the client
  • The opinions of the patient and the family are respected and valued by the client
  • A family setup is always welcome
  • The decision-making process involves both the patient as well as the family.
  • The mission and value of the community service center is in line with the goals of the patient
  • Care of the patient is accessible, well-coordinated, well-communicated and collaborative by the client
  • Continuity of treatment and transition to well-being are the two most essential elements of community care which is taken care of by the client

At Zkare, we strive to build customized solutions for the adoption of EHR technology and making it more meaningful for the community services worldwide.

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