Care Co-ordination

“Comprehensive care coordination and information exchanges ensuring the right information is available at the right time to the right providers.”

Our end-to-end Person-centered solution provides care coordination, interoperability, analytics, outcomes, and risk evaluations. This module is designed and built using cloud-based technology, enabling it to be highly available, secured, scalable and interoperable with the industry health care data standards like HL7 and FHIR. With immediate access to current data, the solution provides a complete view of an individual’s health record. It offers in-depth insight and visibility surrounding the activities across the care services. Having such information made available at the point of care ensures an individual receives the appropriate care at the proper location and time, optimizing care outcomes.


1) Managing long-term care needs through person-centered planning
2) Provides critical information and gaps in care services


1) Access to the performance measures and related information in real-time
2) Provided full view of an individual with relevant information blocks.
3) Flexible reporting accessible to staff as per the permissions
4) Real-time Notifications and proactive alerts about any emergencies or gaps in care services considering compliance requirements using clinical workflow.