IDD Software Features

Seamless collaboration is yours with innovative healthcare tools that connect the IDD ecosystem. Let’s embark on an exciting exploration of the key features that IDD providers must seek in their EHR software.

Assessment and workflows

  • This feature simplifies data processes and ensures data quality, relevance, and usage alignment. 
  • By documenting workflows, it optimises data handling and governance.

Care Planning

  • This feature allows the development and management of customized care plans for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Care plans can include particular objectives, interventions, and assessments.

Caseload Management

  • IDD EHR softwares gives medical providers the tools to organize and manage their caseload.
  • The ability to track patients, their medical histories, visits, and pertinent data effectively is made possible by this feature.

Customized Dashboard

  • IDD EHR softwares must offer a customizable dashboard that enables healthcare professionals to customize their workspace. 
  • They can set up and prioritize information based on their needs, such as viewing upcoming appointments, recent notes, or essential alerts.

Incident Report

  • This feature enables healthcare providers to record and monitor any incidents or critical events related to clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • It might contain information such as date, time, place, participants, incident description, and subsequent steps.


  • IDD EHR softwares must include an announcement feature that allows healthcare providers to share important updates or alerts with other staff members. 
  • This can be useful for interacting with policy changes, sharing medical guidelines, or informing about upcoming training sessions.

Appointments for Clients

  • The ability to schedule and organize client appointments is an important feature in IDD EHR softwares. 
  • Healthcare professionals can create, modify, and monitor appointments, specifying the day, time, location, and provider.
  • It may also allow automated notifications to clients or their caregivers.


  • IDD EHR softwares usually include a records feature that enables healthcare professionals to track comprehensive notes about client interactions. 
  • These notes can involve medical history, Behaviour logs, Bowel movements, Health logs, Daily logs/Attendance and any other relevant information.


  • Workflows in IDD EHR softwares offer specified or customizable templates to assist healthcare providers through standardized processes. 
  • This can simplify clinical workflows and maintain consistency in assessments, care plans, and records. 

Medication and EMR

  • Medication management within IDD EHR softwares emphasizes maintaining the secure and efficient administration of medications for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
  • EMR capabilities within IDD EHR softwares include the digital recording and administration of client medical records. 

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