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Many behavioral health practices are considering upgrading or replacing their electronic health record (EHR) platforms. Due to significant advancements in EHR software across many specialties, many changes are being implemented.

Through new technological advancements in EHR capabilities and features connected to various industry specialties, behavioral health professionals, private practice clinics, and inpatient and outpatient behavioral healthcare facilities can enhance their workflow operations.

Let’s look at why you might decide to replace your EHR.

EHR software is not developing with your practice

Healthcare professionals require unique characteristics in their electronic health record technology. Every practice has varied EHR needs since they employ unique sets of data.

These differences could come from codes, rules, data, and reporting requirements. The particular needs of behavioral health practitioners include specialized screening tools, strict HIPAA and client privacy regulations, and extensive care coordination. 

As your practice grows, you might require a completely new EHR system. For instance, some behavioral health professionals may start out as solo organizations and then expand to become a group practice with numerous clinicians. In this case, the professionals may need to upgrade their EHR solution.

EHR user interface or workflow is not flexible

The type of behavioral health facility frequently determines the EMR system services you require. For instance, both inpatient and outpatient behavioral health facilities need fully functional services that offer functionality with features like:

  • Specific screening instrument.
  • Strict HIPAA regulations.
  • Extensive care coordination.
  • Quality monitoring and reporting.
  • Arranging the requirements for behavioral health EHR.

EMR lacks mobile access

Telebehavioral health uses wireless technologies like mobile phones to offer clients behavioral health services. Applications for assessment, treatment monitoring and compliance, health promotion, and decision-support systems are just a few useful benefits.

The usage of mobile access in behavioral health services enables new methods for evaluating a client’s behavioral health and status. Mobile access may make it more convenient to help with client screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. Actionable data from mobile apps is automatically transferred back to the EMR and can be used to provide instant feedback to clients while also providing clinically valuable measurements.

EHR moves at a frustratingly slow pace

Professionals in the healthcare industry, including those in mental health, have busy, hectic workdays. You cannot afford to wait for outdated software to complete each task. It’s time for an upgrade if you frequently suffer slow site speed or must click ten times to finish a task that you may finish with one click. Additionally, you require more dependable software if you encounter the dreaded spinning wheel when attempting routine tasks.

EHR isn’t compatible with multiple devices

When working remotely or from multiple places, it can be difficult to use many older EHRs because they are incompatible with tablets and phones. Modern cloud-based EHRs are quick, effective, and accessible from anywhere on any device. You and your team deserve flexible and modern software if your EHR doesn’t provide all the capabilities you require.

You aren’t getting the support you need

Sometimes using EHR software can be challenging, and you may need extra assistance. Your staff might require additional help before they understand it and become comfortable using the product. Your EHR must offer excellent customer service that promptly resolves your problems. If your current EHR isn’t causing this, you might want to think about trying something different.

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EHR software should simplify your job because it is a significant component of the future of behavioral health and healthcare. It’s time to think about a better solution if you still use outdated software. If you want to know more about EHR software, our team at zkare would be happy to give you a free demo.