Behavioral Health

Behavioral and mental health care services include tedious and time-consuming tasks which burden the clinical and office staff and this makes them unable to fully focus on patient care.

Intelligent automation plays a vital role in the technological reimagining of healthcare by streamlining the digitization, accelerating the processes, and introducing efficiencies in various tasks that were otherwise impossible. Among all the other things, automation in the healthcare industry means that the patients receive better care as the staff hands are free from clerical work.

Automation enables a cost reduction.

Automation has tremendous potential to reduce costs through delivering faster results at a low cost in the healthcare industry. It does not only improve patient experience but also brings about accuracy and improved outcomes. Automation can save the staff time in repetitive  activities and provide alerts at right time to avoid government penalties thereby reducing operational costs.

Automation improves quality and provides resilient care coordination

Immediate access to the current data of the patient provides a complete insight into an individual’s health record, offering much-needed visibility for the activities to be undertaken under the care services. Automation can help manage long-term care needs through person-centered planning.

With access to the performance measures, critical information and related information in real-time can fill up the gaps in care services. Automation further helps make available real-time notifications and proactive alerts about any emergencies regarding any compliance requirements made available at the point of care. It ensures that individuals receive the much-needed appropriate care at the proper time and location, optimizing care outcomes.

Automation ensures compliance and regulatory requirement on time

Healthcare agencies are tagged with many added responsibilities regarding administration beyond treating patients. The need to adhere to regulatory changes, new protocols, following compliance on time, and handling the administrative duties and patient care all at a time leads to physician burnout, loss of productive and additional cost.

Automation can take care of preparation of reports / data to be used by all the government regulatory bodies. It takes care of submission of documents at the right time which further helps in maintaining compliance. Health care providers can process this critical patient data with accuracy and security by improving regulatory compliance and patient data security with the help of leveraging analytics and cybersecurity platforms.

Automation enhances training experience and provides better visibility

Employee/staff training is critical when it comes to working in the healthcare industry in different departments, having the proper knowledge and training at regular interval is crucial. The performance of the care providers has a direct impact on patient well-being and patient experience.

Automation can surely help schedule the training and provide real-time notifications and alerts or reminders for the next training session to the employees or care providers. There are various e-learning platforms available to collaborate with the care-providing agencies to provide training to care providers, nurses, professionals, etc. Automation sees to it that both the compliance and care are taken care of by sending the reminders on time.

To conclude

Fortunately, the healthcare industry has started leveraging modern electronic health records (EHR) systems for improving their daily clinical workflows through the automation of routine tasks. Not only inpatient but also outpatient behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse facilities are highly benefited from the automation of routine tasks progressing towards making a smooth transition of patients in and out of care and focusing on improving outcomes.

ZKare Healthcare Platform by Bit2Sky leverages the capabilities of automation like AI, data analytics, machine learning and provides personalized and comprehensive solutions to improve the care providers’ productivity and efficiency and enhance the patient experience and is specially crafted for requirement of Behavioral and Mental health care agencies.