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By now, you may already be aware of the numerous advantages of IDD software and maybe wondering if an IDD system is best for you. For most organisations, the real question is “when,” not “if.” Sometimes it isn’t easy to realise that you require IDD software. The need rarely appears overtime as billing rejection, audit findings and missing documentation.

Instead, you’ll probably notice a slow rise in the volume of manual work and monotonous jobs your employees must perform or perhaps communication failures have become more frequent than they were before. These issues will eventually become impossible to ignore, but by that time, your agency will have lost a significant amount of time and money.

So how can you decide when to invest in IDD ehr software? Here are four of the most typical indications that an agency needs a technological upgrade.

Using Paper Records

The continuous use of paper records is one of the most evident indications that IDD software is required. Perhaps you’ve just begun working from home and are required to access your files remotely, or maybe you’re just exhausted from spending thousands of dollars each month to store boxes of documents. All these indicate that it’s time to invest in IDD software.

An IDD software solution reduces the need for paper records by enabling you to save, share, and access everything electronically, and this will not only help you save a lot of money on storage and printing costs, but it will also significantly increase your organisation’s productivity.

Short on Time and Resources

If you work for an IDD agency, You will inevitably wear many hats and play many other organisational 

responsibilities at various points.

You might offer clients services while managing a workforce, balancing finances, and fixing IT-related issues. There isn’t someone else to take the burden off, which makes it a lot of responsibility for a single individual. You eventually work 50 hours a week to complete all the tasks.

IDD software can assist in alleviating some burdens by automating tedious duties like data entry so you can devote more time to the rewarding aspects of your job. 

Running Your Agency with a Variety of Tools

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve already started digitising your agency, but you’re doing so with many different tools.

Disability service providers frequently utilise three or more tools to manage their business operations. When a government official visits a client’s house, they might need to open three apps: one for EVV timekeeping, the other for payroll timekeeping, and yet another for note-taking. Everything is spread out, and the system has no visibility. 

An IDD management system streamlines your workflows by providing you with a single, accessible platform for everything your agency performs.

Your Agency has Grown

When you’re just starting, it’s relatively simple to maintain track of all the paperwork associated with running an IDD service. However, as your staff and programs offerings expand, so do your responsibilities.

Acquisitions and mergers can be another time when the agencies find themselves requiring new software. If your organisation has recently expanded, consider whether it’s time to switch from your present tools to a modern IDD software system.

Despite this, organisations of all sizes can profit from IDD software’s advantages, especially if you’re expecting growth in the near future.

Final thoughts

Consider investing in an IDD software system if one or more of these indications are similar to you. IDD software will make your agency more effective and organised, eventually improving the level of service you can provide to your clients. Our team of experts would be happy to get in touch with you for a free demo from Zkare.